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Design and Technology 


Design and Technology gives young people the skills and abilities to engage with the design and made world, be innovative and use a variety of resources to improve the world around them.  Design and Technology is logical, practical and creative and allows children to apply what they have learnt in mathematics, science and computing.  Design and Technology develops skills to enable children to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively and become resilient.

At Rushall Primary School we aim to offer a challenging, engaging Design and Technology curriculum, which is consolidated across all curriculum areas.  This will be delivered by knowledgeable and highly motivated teachers, who support all children so they can reach their full potential. The West Midlands has a very proud history of innovation, technological development and manufacturing, by developing a STEM approach we aim to continue this history. 


Design and Technology education involves two important elements –

  • learning about the designed and made world and how things work
  • learning to design and make functional products for particular purposes and users.


In Design Technology we aim to:

  • develop imaginative thinking in children and to enable them to talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making;
  • enable children to talk about how things work, and to draw and model their ideas;
  • develop the skills to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users;
  • encourage children to select appropriate tools and techniques for making a product, whilst following safe procedures;
  • explore attitudes towards the world and how we live and work within it;
  • develop an understanding of technological processes, products, and their manufacture, and their contribution to our society;
  • foster enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose in designing and making;
  • understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.

Our Design and Technology lead is Mr Kelvin Stephens


Design and Technology Curriculum Map


In Design and Technology, children acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of materials and components, mechanisms and control systems, structures, existing products, quality and health and safety.

 The skills learned in Design and Technology also help with learning across the curriculum. Their knowledge about the properties of materials helps in science and the practice of measuring accurately helps in maths. These skills help in IT through the children’s use of computer control and, naturally, in art and design.

Design and Technology education helps develop children’s skills and knowledge in design, materials, structures, mechanisms and electrical control. They are encouraged to be creative and innovative and are actively encouraged to think about important issues such as sustainability and enterprise.

There are three core activities children engage with in Design and Technology:

  • Activities that involve investigating and evaluating existing products
  • Focused tasks in which children develop particular aspects of knowledge and skills
  • Designing and making activities in which children design and make 'something' for 'somebody' for 'some purpose'

These three activities are combined in sequence to create a Design and Technology project.


Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for children to develop their capability. By combining their design and making skills with knowledge and understanding they learn to create quality products.