At Rushall Primary School we recognise the need for children to attend school regularly and punctually so that they get maximum benefit from the learning opportunities that are offered. Regular attendance boosts academic achievement and enhances personal development. Rushall Primary School offers a variety of incentives to children to encourage them to attend school and is proud that attendance is outstanding.


Absence from school

If your child is ill and is not going to attend school, it is essential that we know as soon as possible.  Contact us by telephone before 8:50 am.  It is a legal requirement that you let us know your child's name, their class, the reason for absence and how long you expect them to be away from school.


Medical / Dental Appointments

Please advise the school as soon as possible if your child needs to leave school to attend a medical appointment, we ask parents to provide proof of such appointments e.g. an appointment card or letter.  Parents should try to make routine appointments out of school hours or in the school holidays if possible, as time out of school disrupts pupils' learning.


Leave of absence

Should your child require permission for a leave of absence for any other reason, including early collection, please inform the school in writing at your earliest convenience.  We would strongly advise parents to avoid taking holidays during term time. 

It is recognised that pupil absence during term time can seriously disrupt a pupil’s continuity of learning. Parents are therefore strongly urged to avoid booking a family holiday in term time. Taking children out of school time should only happen in exceptional circumstances.

If you do wish to take your child out of school for a leave of absence in school time, you must put this in writing, so that we know where all children are. Our ‘Leave of Absence Form’ is available from the school office or you can download it using the link below. This form must be returned to the school office before you take your child out of school. When the written request, including email ( comes into school, the Head of School will acknowledge receipt.

Any leave of absence for four days and more will be referred to Walsall Local Authority for a fixed penalty of £60 per child for each legal guardian. This means if you have three children and you take them out for a seven-day holiday both parents/legal guardians would receive a penalty notice of £180 each - £360 in total. Please note the Head of School has some discretion in exceptional circumstances.

Our Attendance Policy is displayed on our school website for a full overview of what we do to support excellent attendance.

Please note the DfE legislation on holidays taken during term time. 

Leave of Absence form

Attendance Ted

Each week the class with the best attendance is rewarded with a visit from Attendance Ted!  In addition children who have excellent attendance receive special certificates and rewards at the end of each term.