We encourage our children to take pride in looking smart in their uniforms and being ready to learn.  If you need any help in accessing school uniform please come and speak with us and we will be happy to help.  Please also see the information at the foot of this page.

• Green sweatshirt/cardigan (with or without the school logo is fine)
• Plain white polo shirt
• Grey skirt, grey pinafore dress or grey trousers
• Black shoes
• Green and white checked or striped dress girls - Summer alternative (optional)

• Green sweatshirt/ jumper (with or without the school logo is fine)
• Plain white polo shirt
• Grey trousers
• Grey tailored shorts Summer alternative (optional)
• Black shoes

All children are required to wear proper shoes, not training shoes, during the school day.

Sweatshirts, fleeces and waterproof coats embroidered with the school logo can be purchased from Clive Mark or Crested Schoolwear in Walsall. Reading folders and PE bags with our school logo on are also available.

• White round neck t-shirt
• Green or black shorts
• Black pumps/Trainers
• Swimming costume or swimming trunks (not long swim shorts)
• Swimming cap (this can be purchased from the school office)
• Tracksuits can be worn during colder weather

Children are allowed to wear a small stud earring, either gold or silver. Fashion earrings are not allowed. 

We strongly advise parents to arrange for their children to have their ears pierced during the summer holidays to avoid any PE sessions being missed. PE is a compulsory subject and it is not acceptable for children to miss these sessions for cosmetic reasons.

It is also parents responsibility to ensure that their child is able to independently remove and replace earrings for PE sessions. If your child is unable to do this, please ensure earrings are removed before they come to school on PE days.

Children can wear a small wristwatch, however school cannot be accountable for any losses.  Smart watches should not be worn in school due to their valuable nature and the facilities that they provide.  (Please refer to our mobile device policy for more information.) Watches must be removed before participating in PE.

Please note that no other jewellery is permitted to be worn in school including necklaces, bracelets and rings for health and safety reasons.

While we allow some individuality in relation to styles, extreme fashion hairstyles are to be discouraged, it is important to remember that all children have a varied and active life at school and need to be dressed appropriately at all times. Long hair must be tied back in PE sessions and must not cause a distraction in lessons.

Appropriate Clothing:
As you know at Rushall we embrace outdoor learning. Children will go outside in all weather conditions, even in the snow and rain!! Therefore, it is essential that children have suitable outdoor wear, e.g. a warm waterproof coat, gloves, a hat and suitable footwear. Even if your child comes to school by car they will still need these vital items to be able to fully participate in all planned activities. 

We advise families to check weather forecasts for the day either in the morning or the night before, as it can sometimes be dry in the morning when you leave for school but may be raining by lunchtime.

Please name all items of clothing including shoes!!

For anyone wishing to access free uniform or donate good quality pre-loved uniform, please come and speak with us and see details below.